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  • How to Determine Whether You Should Change the Oil of Used Excavator


    Used excavator is a very important tool for people to make money and maintenance is an essential procedure to make sure that your used excavator is working normally. At the same time, the oil of the used excavator is the key indicator for you to decide whether the used excavator is working perfectly. Since maintenance is...

  • Ten Tips for Used Excavator Maintenance


    Used excavator, as the name suggests, is namely second-hand excavator. Apparently its service time is shorter than the brand new excavator because it is used for a while and there is disparity between used excavator and new excavator on the performance. So for used excavator, maintenance is extremely important. Maintenance i...

  • How to Operate a Mini Used Excavator


    An used excavator with wheels instead off tracksVarious landscaping assignments need soil excavation in one type or more. One of the simplest methods to proceed a great deal of soil is to use a mini used excavator. These models suit into little locations and can make a large distinction in the time it requires to total lands...

  • Certain Types of Used Excavators for You


    Used excavator types rely on big buckets or shovels to proceed dirt, rocks and gravel. Excavating equipment make tough constructing tasks feasible, and provide a very much increased degree of productivity in comparison to shifting dirt and rocks by hand. This equipment can be utilized throughout constructing design, street an...

  • Certain Excavating Techniques for You to Learn


    Archaeologists should carry out excavations in a way that does not harm the relics they are looking for." there is no most suitable way of digging, but there are a number of incorrect methods," authored renowned archaeologist, sir Mortimer wheeler. This quote offers you a thought of the complexities linked with an excavati...

  • How to Maintain Used Excavator


    If you manage well the fuel oil, lubricating oil, water and air, it can reduce 70% of malfunctions. As a matter of fact, 70% of malfunctions are caused by the poor management. Here, we would like to recommend several methods to maintain used excavator.1. the management of the fuel oil in the used excavator⑴We should choo...

  • Brief Introduction of Used Excavator's Classification


    In recent years, in the sense of the development of engineering machinery, the blossom of used excavator is comparatively quick and used excavator becomes one of the most primary engineering machineries. As a result, there are many kinds of used excavators in current society. Here, we would like to recommend some used exca...

  • Common Faults of Used Excavator


    Used excavator experiences a rapid development. Here, we would like to recommend some basic faults.1. the reasons of trip stop1) Variable-speed drive gear wear W4-60 type excavator adopts the transmission mechanism of mechanical-shift speed. This kind of transmission mechanism realizes the shift by relying on sliding tooth se...