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  • The History Of Used Excavator


    Excavators are divided into two categories, single bucket excavators and bucket excavators. The operation of the single bucket excavator is cyclical, and bucket excavator's operation is continuous. The used excavators have a long history. The development of excavators can date back to ancient times. The earliest used excavator...

  • Tips for Started Excavators Operator


    But don't worry; here are some tips for the operation. The excavator keeps a rapid development; more and more people are using used wheel excavators to start their careers. But for novice, some operations are difficult, here are some experience summarized by predecessors for learning.1, the hoisting workOperating hydraulic exc...

  • Characteristics of Mini Used Excavator


    In recent years, in mini used excavator markets, whether new or used excavators sale well. Mini used excavator can carry out construction in work places where normal size excavator can't; this is why the mini type is welcomed by users. Small compact size and special design makes mini used excavator an ideal tool for the jo...

  • What Are Used Excavator Caterpillar Track Tasks?


    The following are the tasks of the used excavator caterpillar track. Excavator material is mainly after pre loose soil, coal, sediment, and the soil and rocks. From the point of the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of the excavator is relatively quick; excavator has become one of the mai...

  • Bucket Types of Used Excavator


    We will usually see used excavator in our daily life. And when you have to make a decision about the used excavator, do you really know it? This passage will tell you.Excavators, according to the bucket can be divided into the following four types1. The face-shovel excavator: this used excavator is commonly used, usually...

  • How to Solve some Problems for Used Excavator


    Excavator is a high-tech product which is the integration of mechanic, electric and liquid. Its construction is complicated and some part of it needs high technical performance. Though the high technical performance, the working condition of used excavator is very bad, so it may often break down. As to used excavator operato...

  • A Brief Classification of the Used Excavator


    When you are faced with a new excavator which will cost millions of dollars, a second-hand excavator can be attractive. From the economic point of view, that may be a good idea, but it is not always the case. That depends on whether the used excavator you chose according to classification of used excavator is suitable fo...

  • Used Excavator Walking Operation and Matters Needing Attention


    With the constant adjustment of the bank lending rates, more and more people choose not to buy a brand new excavator. They cease to advance when they are thinking about purchasing a new excavator. Recently used excavator industry has gained rapid development. At the time of purchasing “big guy”, most people are considering...