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  • Choosing Hydraulic Oil Of Used Excavator Reasonably


    There are some tips for choosing hydraulic oil of used excavator that should be paid attention to. Firstly, it is the hydraulic oil viscosity. The principle to ensure the hydraulic oil viscosity is considering the working temperature of the hydraulic circuit and efficiency under the premise of making hydraulic oil viscosity ...

  • The Safety Operation Procedures of Used Excavator


    The single bucket used excavator assignments and walking field should be solid, the tie or plate is used for smooth on soft ground should be mat. In the marsh land area should be disposed with subgrade, or change the wetland special segments of the used excavator. The driving wheel of the crawler excavator should be placed i...

  • The Test Technique and Evaluation Method of Used Excavator


    Because of the importance of the test technique and evaluation method of the used excavator, the government formulated excavator product quality. The test purpose for the used excavator testing is to check excavator product quality, in order to determine the actual parameters, analysis of excavator technical and economic indicat...

  • The Working Device of Used Excavator


    Hydraulic used excavator is mainly composed of the engine, hydraulic system, working device, walking device, electric control parts and so on. Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, control valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, piping, tanks and so on. Hydraulic excavator is generally composed of working devi...

  • The Working Principle Of Used Excavator


    Excavator is a kind of machine which uses the bucket to dig the materials above or below downtime of the stop surface and load transport vehicles or discharge to the stocking yard construction machinery. The used excavator can install a variety of hydraulic equipment to become open floor machine, feeder and pile drawing machin...

  • The Classfication of Used Excavator


    The classification of used excavator is diversified. There are so many kinds of specifications of used excavators, such as mini excavator, large excavator, the backhoe excavator and so on. Firstly, the mini excavator refers to the kind of used excavator which with the weight of 6 tons and below 6 tons. Its model is small, ...

  • The Characteristics Of Used Excavator


    For the digging force of the used excavator divided into lower digging force and the bucket digging force. The point of digging force of lower digging force and the bucket digging force is the tooth root of the scraper pan. But the power of them is different; forearm digging force is from lower oil cylinder, the bucket diggi...

  • The Development and Problems of Used Excavator Market


    The excavator is a kind of earthmoving machine, which is used to excavater material with the bucket and then put them into the transport vehicle or unload them to the stockyard. According to the used excavator development of mechanical engineering in recent years, relatively fast development could be seen in excavators. The ex...