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Do You Want a Try of Making a Used Excavator Cake

Tags: Wholesale Used excavator sell second hand excavators Shanghai excavator2013-04-16

As with a cake of the used excavator,something important should be remember. Anyway,in the rapid development of today,if there is no special skills will make you feel nothing in your mind. Work,study,entertainment are all the things that value final results. The only result-oriented things can seem valuable.

When it comes to making an excavator cake,not only the perfect creative result but also the progress happiness can be harvested. So it is worthwhile of learning how to make an excavator cake. Ingredients should be prepared in advance. Such as one 9 1/2 x 4 inch pound cake,1/2 cups of yellow frosting,1/2 cup of "light" brown frosting ,4 mini chocolate covered doughnuts,blue and green M&M candies,red and yellow gumdrops,4 individual regular sized bars,2 twinkies,four 8-inch wooden skewers (cut two of them into 4 inches & two of them into 6 inches),4 yellow Twizzlers Rainbow Twists and 12 chocolate cookies.

Then you are told to start with taking the pound cake and measure two 1/2 inches and cutting that off and putting a little frosting on the slice's end cut. Frosting side down, place it on the pound cake's top and just a little to the right of the cut. The pound cake will be the "body" of the truck, while the end cut will be the "cab".

Secondly,put about 1/3 of a cup of yellow frosting on the side and use the rest to cover the pound cake pieces. Then get a sandwich baggie and put the light brown frosting in it and then close and zip the bag,cut a little slit in the corner,and use it as an icier. Create windows on each side of the cab and use the chocolate frosting as an outliner. Get the 4 mini doughnuts and use them as tires. Place 2 to 3 gumdrops on the top of the cab for lights, 2 M&M pieces for headlights, and 4 M&M pieces for hubcaps (place it in the center of each doughnut).

Secondly,carefully place a bar in the corner of the cab,which will be the smokestack. On the side of the body,closest to the cab part,place 2 more bars downwards for loader arms. Take both Twinkies and use the yellow frosting on it. One of them,place it on the loader arms (this will be a shovel). Outline it with decorator's frosting. Slice a 2 inch portion from the second Twinkie. Place it behind the truck (on the other side for the bucket). Lastly,insert skewers inside the Twizzlers and connect the bucket to the cake. Add yellow gumdrops for the bucket teeth. Crush or blend the chocolate cookies and spread them around the cake to make "dirt".

Finished the above step,an excavator cake will be made by yourself. When the work presented in front of us, you will be praised. For you have you have created your own miracle personally

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