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Do You Know the Way to Change Used Excavator Rubber Tracks?

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In construction fields,the used excavator is common to see. We know that the excavator has many attachments that they play important roles. Among the attachments,the rubber track can be changed in the certain methods,just like the bicycle tires. However they must be operated orderly. Otherwise,many efforts are wasted.

In the soft or wet conditions,it is the rubber track that provides excellent flotation and traction. Rubber trackers are making the crucial roles in the construction and industries. While they bring huge benefit to them,they can be damaged in its working. Usually,they are in the aggressive places such as asphalt driveways and roadways. Rubber tracks generally do not break at one time. These tracks crack and tear over continued use. Once a sufficient tear has developed or the track has stretched, tracks can slip off the drive mechanism. Once this begins to occur, a track replacement is in the near future.

When you change the rubber tracks,you should find the grease zerk on the hydraulic piston that holds tension on the track. The piston will be on the side of the drive mechanism opposite the drive sprocket. And rotate the bucket to the side of the machine that needs the replacement track. Push down on the bucket and boom to lift that side of the excavator before placing heavy-duty jack stands underneath the excavator. Then unscrew the grease zerk on the hydraulic piston with a socket and socket wrench and allow the grease to ooze out. The piston will slowly retract,allowing the rubber track to be removed. And insert a lever into the space between the track and the frame and work the track off the idler and pull the track away from the machine and properly dispose of it.

In the installation,you ought to move the replacement rubber track to the excavator's drive sprocket. Position the track so the metal sprocket holes in the track line up with the gears in the drive sprocket and push the opposite side of the track onto the idler. Use a lever to lift the inside metal rail onto the groove in the idler.  Grease should be inserted into the grease zerk on the hydraulic tightening piston until the track is tight. At last,remove the jack stands and lower the excavator to the ground.

As long as you prepared the necessary material and operate as the above methods,the rubber tracks can be easily changed. If you need some other products related the used excavator,you can contact us at any time.

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