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What Should You Know About Excavator Shears?

Tags: excavator teeth hydraulic excavator Excavator use method2013-03-16

Excavator is one of the useful tools in construction areas. There are various kinds of used excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. Excavator are built of different kinds of attachments, like bucket, shears and so forth. The excavator shear is acutally high-strength cutting jaw that mounts on the boom and sticks in place of the bucket on the used excavator.

The shears can cut through various kinds of pipe, steel bar and even concrete. The shear works like scissors, and the excavator shear can cut through reinforcing bar, tires, other hard materials. Used excavator shears are chosen as the ideal choice for scrap processing and breaking up concrete sidewalks.

There are many advantages of used excavator shears. For example, it is a welcome option when removing sidewalks and other structural components. As we all know that using excavator will create some noise when demolishing building and other sctural components in construction job sites. The construction sites are located within residential areas and noise pollution is unbearable for residents. Using the excavator shear can help solve such problem. The excavator operators can grab and cut the concrete sidewalk sections instead of pounding them with an air hammer.

What's more, the excavator shears require no additional hydraulic cylinders or controls to operate. The excavator shears mount to the excavator stick using the same pins that the bucket used and are operated by using the same controls as bucket actually. So, operators of excavator can open the jaws, and grasp the objects requiring cutting. There are different shear sizes for your selection.

Different kinds of excavator shears may function differently. For example, there are shears that can pivot in 360 degrees which makes it possible for the shears to pull and cut pipe and re-bar that may be exposed and coming from any number of directions.

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