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Excavator Teeth - Important Attachemnt of Excavator

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There are various kinds of used excavators both in domestic and international markets. Excavator can be used for digging, moving materials and so forth. There are also many attachments of the excavator, like bucket, teeth, wheel, and so forth. Here, we will give you a brief introduction on the excavator teeth.

Generally, the excavator teeth can be regarded as the important attachment for excavator and other digging equipment to increase their ability to penetrate soil and rock. They mount to the leading edge of the tool and act as grippers when the operator maneuvers the tool into the soil to dig out foundations, ditches and other areas. Frankly, the attachements of excavator wear down quickly and you need to replace your excavator teeth frequently.

The excavator teeth are generic in shape and design, allowing operators to use teeth from different manufacturers if necessary. Each excavator teeth are held in place with a pin-and-socket design. They are firmly fixed in place so that they do not wobble or bend while the excavator is in operation. Over time, the teeth will be worn down, especially when they are used in hard and coarse materials. You are advised to observe the work condition of excavator and to see whether the teeth of the excavator needs to be replaced or maintenanced. Generally, it is a sign that the excavator teeth will need to be replaced if the teeth become loose in the sockets and might start to shift in use.

To replace the teeth, you can pull out a pin to remove the teeth from the socket and replace it with a new model. The head attachment for the socket is often standardized, so it is possible to install excavator teeth of different design when it is necessary or required. It is true that teeth made of different material, will have different advantages or disadvantages actually.

You can find used excavator teeth easily both in domestic and international markets. They are different in sizes, styles, types and so forth. You are advised to choose the corresponding one that is in harmony with your excavator styles. You should be careful when using excavator teeth since it may be very dangerous. Technicians may also check the excavator to make sure all the teeth are firmly attached.

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