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What Is Bucket-wheel Excavator?

Tags: buy used excavator used mini excavator rent used excavator2013-03-08

Bucket-wheel excavator is heavy equipment that can be used in surface mining and mechanical engineering. It is one kind of popular excavator actually. It is used as digging machine in large scale mining operations. The bucket wheel excavator consists of a superstructure to which several more components are fixed(used excavator).

It is obviously that the bucket wheel excavator is named after its large round wheel with a configuration of scoops which is fixed to a boom and is capable of rotating. The material picked up by the cutting wheel is transferred back along the boom. Well, the discharge boom receives material through the superstructure from the cutting boom and carries it away from the machine, frequently to an external conveyor system.

There are different bucket wheel excavators which are different greatly in sizes. A counterweight boom balances the cutting boom and is cantilevered either on the lower part of the superstructure or the upper part. Which size suits for your requirement depends on your intended application actually. For example, the largest bucket wheel excavator may be constructed to weigh 14200 tons and can move 240000 cubic metres overburden. And different countries tend to use different size excavator.

Bucket wheel excavator still in use for large scale operations, though it has mainly been replaced in most applications by hydraulic excavators. It can be used to transfer loose materials or overburden materials. There are various kinds of bucket wheel excavators available both in domestic and international markets for your selection.

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