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Regular Excavator Maintenance Is Good to Improve Work Efficiency

Tags: used excavator parts excavator teeth2013-03-04

used excavator varies in sizes, styles and specific functions. There are various kinds of used excavators both in domestic and international markets. Choosing used excavator can help save a lot of money since it cost less than the new excavators. However,  you should know how to maintain your used excavator if you want it to have a longer life span and can work well with an good work effciency.

Well, the main purpose of maintaining the used excavator is to reduce the faults of excavator machine, shorten the downtime of machine, improve the working efficiency and reduce the working cost. Generally speaking, 70 percent of the faults are caused by poor management actually. So, the maintenance is of great importance.

When it comes to the maintenance details, the diesel oil should be choosen with great care. You should select different diesel oil according to various environmental temperatures. What should you know is that the oil can't be mixed with impurities, dust and water. Otherwise the fuel pump may be worn in the early time. The fuel tank should be filled with fuel oil every day after work to prevent water-drop. Open the bottom of fuel tank to turn on the water before your operation. The oil may differ in levels. They can't be mixed together actually. You should guarantee the clean of oil and prevent impurities. Also, you should pay attention to fliter element, fliter oil and impurities to prevent them from entering into the interior of system to cause some faults. The lubricating oil will reduce the wearing on moving surface to prevent noise actually.

The used excavator should be stored for a long time after your use. You should clean and dry it and place it on the ground to prevent rust. Put in a dry and safe place to protect your machine from damage and risk. Regular checking it to see whether there are some falses. You need to check the height of cooling liquid, oil level of engine, air filter and so forth.

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