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Do You Know the Work Principle of Excavator?

Tags: features of used excavator used excavator functions used excavator tips2013-02-26

Excavator can be used for construction work for digging hole, moving soil and so forth. It is one of the most important tools in industry areas. There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. But do you know how it works or the work principle of excavator?

Generally, modern excavators are powered by diesel engines. Well, diesel engines are often chosen as the ideal choices for construction vehicles actually since it can produce higher horsepower that petrol equivalents. The engines can convert up to 15 percent more fuel energy into mechanical energy than petrol engines. The diesel engine powers both the track and the hydraulic motors. The motors are used for raising and extending the arm or boom that the bucket is attached to. All of the power for operating the excavator comes from the diesel engine and the controls for operating it are located in the cab.

For the normal or excellent work of excavator, excavator arm is required. The arm of excavator is one of the most important parts which can be used to raise and extend the bucket at the end to facilitate the digging and moving of material. The arm is usually attached to the lower section of the classis, and is generally built with the three hydraulic pistons with chromed steel piston arms. Well, have you ever hear of the hinge before? Actually, it can be regarded as the elbow of the excavator's arm and it is used to connect or join the two sections of arm. One piston is attached to each section of the arm. The piston nearest the excavator extends, the rod pushes against the arm and raises it to extend it. Well, the second piston raises or lowers the second section to allow more reach.

Tracks are built around gears that are turned by the power received from the driveshaft that is connected to the engine. The excavator moves backward and forward in a straight line when both tracks are engaged and in gear.

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Used Excavator SH200A2
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