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Various Features of Bobcat Excavator

Tags: features of used excavator used excavator functions used excavator tips2013-02-20

Bobcat excavator is one of the most popular excavators both in domestic and international markets actually. It is helpful in moving soil, logs or debris. Bobcat excavator has a dipper, boom, arm or some type of attachment that rotates on the legs and feet of the excavator, which is typically referred to as the undercarriage. There are some obvious characteristics or features of bobcat excavator, and we will give you a brief introduction next.

Firt of all, you should pay attention to its arms. There are powerful arms, long arms and extendable arms for your selection. Generally, a standard power arm can provide powerful lifting and digging capability. Well, the long arms give you the ability to dig deeper without moving the entire excavator. There are also the extendable arms which are the combinations of standard and long arm which make it easier for you to receive a powerful lifting and digging performance with the ability to reach deeper depths.

Second, various kinds of tail swings. For example, there are zero tail swing, minimal tail swing and so forth. Bobcat excavator with minimal tail swing make it flexible to deposit and slew soil when working in small spaces. The back of the house in excavator with a minimal tail swing sticks out only about 6 inches in length past the track's width. Well, the zero tail swing allows you to reach tight areas such as space between gates or in small backyards.

Third, there are various kinds of attachments for your selection. The tilt bucket has a smooth surface that allows you to form holes and ditches by moving the bucket 40 degrees to the right or left. The grapple, as we have introduced in our previous articles, can allow you to hold materials, like logs and stones tightly and move them to different places. If you decide to clean ditches, you are advised to choose a grading blade actually.

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