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Using Pure Used Excavator Parts For Better Work Effect

Tags: used excavator parts used mini excavator buy used excavator2013-02-19

There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. The excavator can be largely used in many areas. You are advised to use the pure excavator parts during your operation of excavator since it can help reduce machine operating costs and prolong the lifespan of your excavator machine. Here, we will give you a brief introduction on how to identify the pure excavator parts.

You should take consideration of both internal and external steel mesh. First of all, you should pay attention to the external steel mesh pitch of the pure air flitter excavator spare parts, which should be uniform. It is often steel mesh and the steel plate hole is sparse. Second, the internal steel mesh.

It is very uniform and most of the counterfeit excavator spare parts using spot welding, overlapping steel mesh is longer and one side tilts. However the fake air filter just imitates the geometric dimensions and appearance of the genuine products. The fake filter can't reach the filter's requirements for engineering standards.

Take consideration of pure excavator parts. The genuine color of the pure excavator part is milky white and with fine texture. The upper and lower lines are arranged in neat rows and has no deformation. However the poor filter is paper high ash bearing capacity which will allow more impurities into the engine system. The counterfeit filter color is sulfur or other colors, paper and has rough texture.

You also can identify the used excavator parts by their appearance. Generally, the exterior pure excavator parts is bright, clean and coated. However, the fake one is dark. What's more, the pure excavator bottom is drilled uniform and the wire port is smooth.

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