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Repair Excavator Bucket to Make It Work Normally

Tags: excavator bucket maintain used excavator hydraulic excavator2013-02-18

There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. As you may know, the bucket is one of the most important parts on the excavator actually. However, the bucket may be damaged after long-time heavy work. So, what should you do if your excavator bucket is broken? Do you know how to repair it? Follow me to know more detailed information.

Generally speaking, the bucket can be broken for many reasons, like corrosion or heavy usage and so forth. The steel may be erosed by wet weather and so forth. Well, buying a new bucket may cost more money, and in general, the broken bucket can be repaired to retreat its functions actually. You can cut out the bucket bottom to replace it with hardened steel and weld new tooth shanks on it. When choosing steel, you are advised to choose the abrasive resistant steel since it provides better wear resistance than the mild steel actually.

Install the new steel sheet which is formed over the bottom of the bucket with the tooth shanks and teeth. It is easy to install and form actually. First of all, you should weld up the oversized sheet and then trim the edge since the bucket sides are tapered rather than square. The hydraulic piston was used to bend the steel sheet to conform to the curve of the bucket walls after the end of the sheet was welded in place.

In general, the excavator bucket is easy to wear out when digging out ledge. Most buckets are equipped with removable wear bushing in the ears. The bushing is made of hardened steel and the pins are mild. New bushings can be replaced in the field with a through-hole portapower 50 ton piston. You can rebuild the excavator bucket with new side walls, grouser bars, wear blocks and build up the shanks with weld to extend their lives.

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