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Choose the Proper Excavator to Accomplish Your Specific Work

Tags: maintain used excavator used excavator tips excavator specifications2013-02-17

There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. For example, there are mini excavator, larger excavator and so forth. The excavator may differ greatly in sizes, materials, brands and specific functions and so forth. Taking digging a pond for an example to decide which kind of excavator is proper, you may choose the with the consideration of the following considerations.

As we all know that soil quality and type will decide your excavator type, since different excavator is designed for different areas. First of all, let's have a look at the dry areas. You are advised to choose a bulldozer or an earth scraper if you excavate a pond in an area with naturally dry soil. Frankly speaking, such kind of excavator provides precise earth sculpting in dry soils.

Second, you are advised to dig soggy soil with a backhoe or a dragline excavator. These machines are more suited to digging up wet clay and other bogged down soil types. So, you should take consideration of the specific condition when you choose used excavator.

As we have introduced above, choosing which kind of excavator depends on the soil type. The bulldozor or earth scraper is suitable for dry area but not suitable for wet areas. All in all, make a concrete analysis of a concrete problem.

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Used Komatsu Excavator PC200-7
Used Komatsu Excavator PC200-7
   Used Komatsu Excavator PC450-8
Used Komatsu Excavator PC450-8
   Used Komatsu Excavator PC450-7
Used Komatsu Excavator PC450-7