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Easy Way to Change the Used Excavator Rubber Tracks

Tags: used excavator tips used excavator parts operate used excavator2013-01-10

As we have introduced in our previous articles, there are various kinds of used excavators both in domestic and international markets. The rubber tracks can be used to provide excellent flotation and traction in soft or wet conditions. With the help of rubber track, excavator can be used on asphalt driveways and roadways where steel tracks would cause damage. However, in order to keep the normal work of used excavator, the rubber track should be changed regularly. Do you know how to change the excavator rubber track?

In order to change your excavator rubber tracks, you are advised to prepare some things like grease gun, grease, socket set, replacement rubber track, large lever and so forth. Generally, the rubber tracks are heavy and difficult to move, you can make the job more smoothly with other helpers help. Do not allow anyone underneath a lifted piece of equipment or machinery. Next, we will give you a brie introduction.

First of all, you should find the grease zerk on the hydraulic piston that holds tension on the track. And the piston will be on the side of the drive mechanism opposite the drive sprocket. Then, you should rotate the bucket to the side of the machine that needs the replacement track. You should push down on the bucket and boom to lift that side of the excavator. Place the heavy-duty jack stands underneath the excavator.

Second, what should you do is to unscrew the grease zerk on the hydraulic piston with a socket and socket wrench. You should allow the grease to ooze out. The piston will slowly retract and allow the rubber track to be removed. Insert a lever between the track and the frame and work the track off the idler. Pull the track away from the machine and properly dispose of it.

Third, you should install it actually. What should be done is to move the replacement rubber track to excavator's drive sprocket. You are advised to position the track so the metal sprocket holes in the track line up with the gears in the drive sprocket. Push the opposite side of the track onto the idler. Use a lever to lift the inside metal rail onto the groove in the idler. Insert grease into the grease zerk on the hydraulic tightening piston until the track is tight. Last, you should remove the jack stands and lower the excavator to the ground.

There are various kinds of rubber tracks both in domestic and international markets for your selection. You are advised to choose it from the reliable manufactures or suppliers. You can find it easily both in physical stores and online shops.


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