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The Specifications of Used Mini Excavator

Tags: excavator machine for sale used mini excavators for sale used excavator sales2013-01-05

As we all know that excavators are large construction vehicles. They are designed to lift and transport large quantities of earth, stone and other materials. There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. There are also various kinds of used excavators for your selection. Generally, the excavators have treads similar to those of tank. It can move from side to side to scoop and deposit earth. It can be classified into small-scale excavators, or mini excavators and larger excavators used for large scale projects actually. Here we will give you a brief introduction on the mini excavators actually.

The mini used Sumitomo excavators are also used for construction areas, but they are mainly used for small scale projects actually. They are known as compact excavators and are smaller and cheaper than their bigger counterparts. Mini excavator can be used for utility and demolition projects for its efficiency and capacity. There are also different kinds of mini excavators both in domestic and international markets actually. Their specifications also differ greatly since there are different models and manufacturers.

Let's begin with the physical attributes of the used mini excavator. You are advised to take consideration of such kind of attributes if you want to select the proper mini excavator that is best suitable for you. When it comes to the physical attributes, we mainly refer to the machine size, digging capacity, dump height, the weight of excavator and so forth. Generally the digging capacity can be different from 4 feet to 12 feet. And 10 feet capacity is the most common type actually. And the generally dump height is from 5 to 10 feet. And the weight of mini excavator is different from 10 to 50 tons.

What's more, we should talk something about its cab, engine, tracks, boom and attachments. Generally, the cab can pivot 360 degrees on the tracks. And it is where the operator takes seat. And the function of engine is to provide the required power to the tracks and hydraulic system for propulsion and digging. Well, the function of tracks is to help machine tread around on the unfavorable surfaces or floor conditions.

Well, we have to talk about the price of mini used excavator actually. Generally speaking, the price of the new mini excavator is between $19000 to $90000. There is no doubt that the used excavator will be much cheaper than the new one. The price may differ greatly since they have different brands and functions.

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