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The Environmental Usage of Used Excavator

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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The Environmental Usage of Used Excavator

  The used excavator is a big machine which obviously needs good care, so it will be quite important to make use of it by means like a certain person monitoring a certain machine. Fixed position is also required and every worker should make it clear of his own responsibilities. If it does need to adjust the duty, works of equipment clarification should be carried out. When the used excavator is put into the operating site, the driver should firstly observe the geological conditions and surroundings of the working site. Obstacles are not allowed in the way within the rotating radius of the used excavator, which aims at preventing damages and scratches to other vehicles. When the used excavator is running, no staff will be allowed to stand in a bucket or shovel arms and tracks to ensure the security in production. Within the production, every staff will be forbid to move or just stand still within the rotating radius or under the bucket. Staff who are not drivers will also be stopped from entering the machine and touching it, a driving trainee is inadmissible as well.

  When moving the used excavator, the driver should observe it before honking, then move the machine. It is important to make sure if there is no person within the rotating radius range of the used excavator and no obstacles in the way, and of course, illegal operations will be seriously punished. After daily work is finished, pay attention that the excavator should be put away from depression or trough edge, just put it on the ground, close the windows and lock the doors. In addition, the daily checking and maintaining work should be well done by the drivers, and the daily usage record of the machine should also be completed. If any problems are found, report it timely. The drivers also have responsibilities to keep the body surface clean, make sure that there is no dust and no pollution.

  As to drivers, they are strictly prohibited drunk driving or even drinking at noon during work, or they will be given financial penalties. What's worse, if behaviors like this caused economic losses, the drivers can only undertake it by themselves. As to conditions such as man-made vehicle damages or injuries, we should analyze the reason, find the problem, distinguish responsibilities and then give certain financial punishments according to the divisions. Therefore, it is necessary for the driver to set up a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the safe production. Meanwhile, a good working style is also required. The driver should do a good job in building communicating relationships and giving service and be responsive to the development of the enterprise, then of course, work hard. Last but not least, the operation of the used excavator belongs to the special operations, so a special operation operating certificate will be needed.