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The Story of Used Excavator

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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The Story of Used Excavator

  Since the day people left caves and started to build house to live, the instruments of architecture keep changing and improving. However, as time goes by, there are some classic machines that are pretty good at engineering, have remained its image in people's memory. Excavator is one of those excellent machines. Story of used excavator can be also called excavating machinery, which is used to excavate or dig the materials or building scrap. With the help of excavators, people can easily pick up so a lot materials from construction site to trucks, which can continue to transmit materials to go away. By comparing with the data relating to excavators, we can clearly see that the speed of development of excavators has been more and more quickly for recent years, which also confirms the fact that the importance of excavator has been enhanced further. In fact, as the fast development of technology and economy, excavators has already become one of the most irreplaceable instruments for modern society.

  Just like well-know saying, Rome was not built in one day. The primary excavator is hand-actuated, which is firstly invented in 19th century. The most interesting thing is that the change of motive power of excavators can just indicate the history of human's industry. Manpower, steam engine, combustion engine, electric power and the hydraulic pressure, our excavators continually becoming stronger and powerful, which means people's ability of architecture keeps boosting. The first hydraulic pressure excavator was invented in the year of 1951, where the location was Poclain industry in France. Hydraulic pressure excavator had opened up a brand-new spaces in the field of technology of excavators. After then, hydraulic pressure entered into a developing high-way in 1960. As a result, the percentage of hydraulic pressure had occupied 83% in the year of 1970.

  Generally, the story of used excavator contains three main parts which are moving units, controlling units and excavating units. According the different of moving units, there're normally two kinds of excavators which are caterpillar excavators and weel excavators. If we compare the excavating units, there're commonly two kinds of excavators, which are face-shovel excavators and backhoe excavators. When selecting which kind of excavator is appropriate to your project, thinking of dipper capacity is aways an important parameters, which directly influence the cost and practical effect of construction. However, operating weight is another important parameter you have to consider carefully. It decide the levels excavators can work safely. It's quite dangerous when forcing excavators dig materials of which weight over the normal operation weight of excavators. Well, because it's too waste to buy a whole new excavators. Selecting an used excavators would be also a smart choice! After all, this little article simply introduce the basic knowledge about excavators, which, I hope, can really do some help for you to get interested in excavators!