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The Market of Used Excavator

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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The Market of Used Excavator

  The forming of domestic market of used excavator began from 1998. Several businessmen from Hong Kong resold used engineering machines to Shenzhen. Due to the large scale development of Shenzhen, the used machines have a great demand. That is the resource of used machinery market in Shenzhen. The demand of used machines led to the demand in the whole country at that time and used machinery markets are established one by one in different large cities. And the machine repair plants before 1990s developed into rental service and trading market in 21th century. The booming of used engineering machinery increases the demand in east, north as well as Midwest of China.

  In the market of used excavator, the main resources are from domestic and oversea market. Take the used excavator market in shanghai as an example. The products it sells can be classified into import products, joint venture products as well as domestic products. The imports products came from Japanese who carried these machines through customs into the used excavator market in Shanghai. Japan is the biggest used machines exporting country in the world. Its productions came from the eliminated products from rental companies, sold out products from engineering company after construction or changing profession as well as redemptory products because unable to repay the mortgage loan from the bank and so on. well, the joint venture products from foreign industries who built production base in domestic and sell for domestic customers and enter into used excavator market after a long period of time, while the domestic products are mainly from domestic producers who sell these excavators to customers and then flow into used excavator market.

  In addition, in uses excavator market, the popular used excavators are mainly foreign excavators. The reason why domestic people prefer to foreign used excavators is the good quality of the foreign used excavator. It is well known that foreign countries have more advanced technology than we have. And they are good at integrate advanced technology with innovation ideas. Therefore, the foreign used excavators have better reputation than domestic used excavator market.

  And most of the use excavators have nearly the same quality and performance of the brand new ones, and they are much cheaper. Thus, more and more people choose use excavators rather brand new ones. What's more, the exquisite design of the excavators increases the price of excavators, causing less and less people able to afford them, so more and more used excavators are needed.