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Used Sumitomo Excavator GRW 103


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The Sumitomo used excavator GRW 103 has been sold well both at home and abroad. When it is used,your construction work will be finished easily and perfectly. It has a good engine and bucket as well as other attachments. You can have a huge selection.

Used Sumitomo Excavator GRW 103

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Quick Details:
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Sumitomo
Model Number: GRW 103
Condition: Use d
Year: 2009 
Moving Type: Crawler Excavator
Bucket capacity: 0.8M3
Machine Weight: 20600KG

Main Features:
Low working hours
High working efficiency
Good working condition
Can be used for a long time
Strong capacity
Stable and safe to use
No oil leak and energy saving
Best price and service

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