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Used Excavator WA450


 europe machinery used excavators 


The excavator is affordable as long as you buy the used one from an excellent company. As an essential heavy equipment for many construction companies, the cost of the excavator is always an important factor for the companies to make their decision. Jiangchun supplies all kinds of cheap used excavator.

Used Excavator WA450

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Make: Komatsu 
Model Number: WA450 
Place of Origin: Japan 
Color: yellow 
Type: front loader 
Moving Type: wheel 

Product Feature
easy to control

Other Information
E-mail: sales@usedexcavator-china.com
MSN: Judy.en@hotmail.com

Skype: judy885088,nelly1990123,shjc8850
Company Address: NO.2588 Longwu Road,Xuhui District,Shanghai

The used excavator is used to remove the earth or other projects. From the start of the project which involved digging of roads for the buildings or highways to the transportation of heavy materials, this bucket is widely used. However, the advancement of technology and machineries doesn't end with excavation bucket.

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