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Used Excavator WA380-3


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Most Used Excavators, especially in Jiangchun, have crawlers but they do come with various types of traction depending of the type of work and area they are used for. Used Excavators can be either wheeled or tracked and it is a common misconception to think that tracked excavators are better.

Used Excavator WA380-3

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Used Komatsu WA380-3 wheel loader
Model: WA380-3
Bucket Capacity: 3.1 cbm
Mass: 16495 kg
Engine Power: 146 kW

Product Feature
Good working condition, Convenient to move and drive, Professional maintainance, Best price and service.

Other Information
E-mail: sales@usedexcavator-china.com
MSN: Judy.en@hotmail.com

Skype: judy885088,nelly1990123,shjc8850
Company Address: NO.2588 Longwu Road,Xuhui District,Shanghai

The used excavator helps to promote the process of construction. Medical science has worked wonders in the last few decades. This has given us a healthy and long life. Many diseases can be cured now which were as fatal as causing death of the sufferer. Now this has increased our life span.

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