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Used Excavator CC21


 rent used excavator 


The used excavator could be easily operated and the cab could be adjusted to face any direction. Thereby, the operator could attain a better view and avoid accidents.

Used Excavator CC21

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Product Description
Brand: Dynapac
Model: Dynapac CC21
Place of origin: Sweden

Product Feature
Strong engine and pump
Complete engine and fuel system
Good working condition, ready to work
Popular price, high performance-price ratio. Big horse power
All parts working well,popular price,new enough,ready to work. Excellent condition.

Other Information
E-mail: sales@usedexcavator-china.com
MSN: Judy.en@hotmail.com

Skype: judy885088,nelly1990123,shjc8850
Company Address: NO.2588 Longwu Road,Xuhui District,Shanghai

The quantity of area to be excavated remains determined and certain before the work starts but the rate at which the earth will be excavated depends on a number of external factors. The task of excavation is impossible without the help of used excavator. Job factors include the type or classification of soil, weather conditions, and extent of water present, size of the job.

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