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Used Komatsu Excavator PC450-7


 used excavator bucket 


In order to make sure that the used excavator would be able to work for much longer service life, you need to maintain it regularly. Investigate the quality of the used excavator before and after operating it. And you should ask a qualified worker for advice if you are confused about the maintenance of the used excavator.

Used Komatsu Excavator PC450-7

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Product Description
Excavator Condition: Used
Make: Komatsu
Model Number: 450-7
Place of Origin: Japan
Moving Type: Crawler
Machine Weight: 20ton
Dimension(Long * Breadth * High) :n
Working Hours: N
Bucket Capacity: N
Color: yellow

Product Specification/Models
1>Original accessory,country
2>Good looking,no damage
3>Low working hours,easy to operate
4>Best after-sale service,low price

The used excavators are helpful to meet with the irrigation requirements and are especially useful in paddy fields as these are need to be flooded with water for proper growth. It is also indefensible in rescue missions where landslides, floods and snowstorms wreak havoc with human life.

Product Feature
Popular price,high performance-price ratio. Big horse power
All parts working well,popular price,new enough,ready to work. Excellent condition.

Other Information
E-mail: sales@usedexcavator-china.com
Skype: judy885088,nelly1990123,shjc8850
Company Address: NO.2588 Longwu Road,Xuhui District,Shanghai

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