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Used Hitachi Excavator EX60-3


 original used excavator 


Jiangchun supplies qualified used excavator with different model numbers, and no matter which type of excavator you are looking for, we are sure that we can supply the suitable excavator to meet your needs.

Used Hitachi Excavator EX60-3

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Product Description
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Hitachi
Model Number: EX60-3
Condition: Used
Make: Hitachi
Moving Type: Crawler Excavator
Operating Weight: 6.3Ton
Bucket capacity: 0.34m3

Product Feature
easy to use
reasonable price

Product Specification/Models
1>Original accessory,country
2>Good looking,no damage
3>Low working hours,easy to operate
4>Best after-sale service,low price

Other Information
The used excavators are involved in lots of construction process. If road construction is taken into consideration, then the first step which comes into picture is demolition. Demolition is required before start constructing a building or road. In the process of demolition, the already existing structures need to be demolished so that new ones can be created there.

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